7 Reasons Why You Should Make Texas Your Home

7 Reasons Why You Should Make Texas Your Home

The iconic Lone Star State, Texas is the second-largest in the area (behind Alaska) and it's more popular than ever - residency rose by around 1,000 people per day in 2021. So what's so great about Texas?

Why Are People Moving to Texas?

Good Economy

Texas' economy is booming right now, and we're not just talking energy. Across the board in San Antonio alone, the healthcare, hospitality, financial, and defense sectors are all blowing up. The tech industry, most notably centered around cybersecurity, is also doing well. All of this adds up to one thing - Texas is the land of opportunities!

Another huge draw? Texas's no state income tax rule. Being one of only seven states to do this in the country, this advantage means you'll be able to free up even more of your money for that dream home.


If you've got a family, one of the most important elements is a good education - something Texas has an abundance of. The state is renowned for its array of great schools, with the University of Texas in Austin and Texas A&M University being ranked in the top 100 Best National Universities. It's also widely known that some of the best public school districts are located in Texas - we're talking Eanes, South Texas Independent, and Highland Park Independent School District to name a few.

Friendly Atmosphere, Foodie Culture, and SPORTS!

When people say southern hospitality, Texas has it down to a science. The people of Texas are renowned for their kindness and neighborliness, which only adds to its charm. Who wouldn't want to live in a place that derives its name from the Caddo Native word for friend or ally?

And you can't talk about Texas without referencing the cuisine... Texas Barbecue is renowned, along with chili and of course the fusion food everyone's into - Tex Mex. Food is super important in the Lone Star State, embedded in the culture which prides itself on Southern hospitality.

If you're into sport, Texas is hands down your new home. The people of the state take their support to the next level - in many towns, high school football games have people tailgating, and we're not just talking students and parents, we're talking about the whole community turning out to support. Then of course on a national level there's the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans to support in football, the San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks for basketball, and the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros in Baseball... oh and don't forget NASCAR and the rodeo!

Consistently Good Weather

Beautiful landscape

Texas is a huge state, so the climate is very varied depending on where you're thinking of relocating. However, with average highs of between 77 °F and 94 °F and the lowest 45 °F, it's clear the state is great for reliably good weather. You'll find it's sunny almost all year round, precipitation does vary - on average the west gets 220 mm annually, the north 940 mm, and the south 1,500 mm.

Affordable Housing

One of the huge draws for people relocating to Texas is the housing prices. It's affordable AND realistic to own a house in or near a major city for a median price. Cities like San Antonio, Houston, and Plano are great examples of places that hold this median price, ensuring those relocating can secure a decent home in a good neighborhood.

Why is the New Build Market So Hot?

After the impact of the pandemic in 2020, the Texas new homes market is now 'normalizing', however, the increase in demand has meant the days on the market hover near record lows. October 2021 saw a healthy increase in new homes listings, however, builders have more buyers than they have homes - a waiting list for transaction-ready buyers is becoming more common as the state becomes more popular. Texas's many draws and the attraction of a brand new home means prices are tending to fluctuate month-to-month, but on average they are increasing slightly.

Where are People Moving to Texas From?

Moving Day

Being centrally located, Texas has some great connections to other states and the rest of the world, which is a huge draw for both residents and outsiders. From families who love to travel to those who have relocated from abroad or even those who need to travel for business, it's an attractive hub and is one of the reasons the state is preferred over North Carolina, New York, Los Angeles, or Seattle as a place to base a business.

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the majority of new residents in Texas were from California, with Florida the second-largest source of new Texans. Colorado, Illinois, and Louisiana make up the rest of the top five most popular places to relocate from.

Texas is the second most diverse state in the nation, and that's largely due to its wide range of job offerings that attract a different range of newcomers each year. Houston is said to be the most diverse city within the state thanks to its college campuses and tech jobs available.

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