5 Major Reasons why it is important to use CRM for real estate developers

As a real estate developer, you may still keep your client data in Google or Excel Sheets, and you may never realize its inconvenience until you try to use CRM for real estate developers.

The problem is that most sales managers are accustomed to using traditional tools so that switching to something new seems like much work. Meanwhile, technology is changing every field, which makes more and more specialists admit that new tools are no longer a trend. It’s a premise for efficient use of their time and finances.

CRM (customer relationship management) software is one of such tools that are still considered by many people as a popular acronym, which sounds fancy in the range of smart guys. In reality, it is not. Nowadays, if you are not using CRM in your business, to some people, it may mean a lack of knowledge.

At the same time, you need to consider that there are different types of CRM. Therefore, when it comes to the usage of CRM for real estate developers, you won’t benefit from a general purpose CRM system.

Notice that in this article we will be exploring the advantages of the particular type of CRM – for real estate developer. Let’s see whether my reasons can convince you.

CRM for real estate developers: a necessity or a trend?

CRM has become extremely popular across businesses of all types and sizes. However, don’t think about it regarding just a place to save information about your clients because the main thing is what a CRM tool can do with it after.

1. Automation of the working process

Marketing campaigns may eat much time. You may want to set up email marketing, then you would possibly go for some lead generation from landing pages, and at some point, you may realize that you need to track incoming calls from your potential clients and connect them with the property they are interested in. The question is whether you can somehow manage all the paths from the same place. Yes, you can do it with a CRM for real estate developers!

2. Keeping all the information in one place

Storing data without a structure is always a bad practice, which leads to losing clients and money. Surprisingly, how many people still make the same mistake. However, you should not. Also, consider that in real estate, it’s critical to store data about the property and clients at the same place. Failing on this point often leads to losing real estate clients.

CRM for real estate developers helps to quickly solve this problem as you can automate storing all the information that comes to you – either from online or offline channels of customer acquisition – in one place. Therefore, any time you need any information about your contacts, leads, and customers, you know where it is.

3. Insights on the performance of marketing channels

It’s so important to use CRM tools not just because all the information stays in one place but because you can have a clear vision of how successful your marketing channels are. With a CRM for real estate developers, you can efficiently analyse their performance and improve your marketing strategy correspondingly.

4. Robust tracking of where customers are in the sales cycle

One of my favorite reasons to use CRM for real estate developers needs is tracking possibilities. Even when a business is at its earliest stages of development, picturing where every customer is in the sales cycle is quite a challenge. As the company grows, it becomes nearly impossible without software.

It’s especially relevant in the case of real estate leads as they are costly to acquire. Still, the lack of proper tools and sticking to the conventional ones often lead to losing them. With a CRM for real estate developers, you always know where a customer is and thus what actions you need to undertake. Therefore, you can prevent yourself from such scenario.

By the way, we have a post about how to optimize a client journey with a Real Estate CRM. It worth checking out.

5. No more missing out on the tasks you forgot about

When you have a complete picture of where your customers are in the sales cycle, you may want to treat them with regard to their places. Sales in real estate differ from those in other fields: in particular, pre-sales and post-sales periods include more stages. Thus they require more attention: following up after visiting a showroom, sending a proposal, organising post-sales meetings.

These differences come with much information that easily gets lost when you lack a structured approach. Again, with CRM for real estate developers, it’s not an issue. It allows you not just to store data in one place but also manage tasks right from a CRM system.

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As for me, the relevance of using CRM for real estate developers is obvious.

  • All the data is structured and kept in one place without any efforts from your side;
  • You get the whole picture of interactions between customers and your business;
  • If you want to choose the proper marketing channels, there’s no need for additional analytical tools. You have it all built-in in your CRM system;
  • You can manage all

We hope this article was useful to you. You can get in touch by talking to me directly in a live chat or by sending an email. We would love to know what you think about it and answer your questions!

P.S. We believe the post above is relevant not only for Real Estate Developers but for New Developments Marketing Agencies as well. But in case, you are interested in more relevant information for agencies, we have prepared this post for you.

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