Which Home Design Center Options Offer the Best Value?

How do you decide what you want when working with a design center for your new construction home?

Which Home Design Center Options Offer the Best Value?
Design choices can be a challenge for homeowners. 

Congratulations on starting the exciting process of building your dream home! The next step is selecting the design elements that will bring your vision to life, which can be thrilling for those passionate about interior design. However, choosing the correct elements can be intimidating for those less familiar with interior design.

This is where home design centers come in. Many builders offer these spaces to help homeowners visualize the final appearance of their homes. Buyers can choose various design features, such as flooring, textures, and cabinets, ensuring the result aligns with their preferences and style.

To help you feel confident in this process, we've gathered a list of factors to consider when visiting a design center.

Smart Technology Integration

In recent years, technology has become increasingly prevalent in new-construction homes. What was once deemed a luxury feature is now a standard expectation for many homebuyers. Smart technology contains many devices and systems designed to enhance convenience, energy efficiency, and security within your home.

Some popular tech features to look for include:

  • Keyless entry locks
  • Smart thermostats
  • Water leak detectors
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart appliances

When visiting a home design center, inquire about the availability of these and other technology options. Consider the most important features to you and your family, and factor them into your overall budget.

Natural Materials and Sustainable Techniques

The construction industry is a significant contributor to environmental issues, with one study showing it accounts for 50% of climate change, 23% of air pollution, and 40% of drinking water pollution.

In response, many building firms have turned to natural materials and sustainable construction methods. When choosing a design center, consider one that prioritizes sustainable practices. Eco-friendly homes have a higher value and offer long-term savings on operational costs.

Open Floor Plan

To maximize the value of your investment, look for a home design center that offers open floor plans. Studies have shown that homes with open floor plans appreciate by 7.4% annually, making them a wise choice for livability and long-term financial gain.

Open floor plans offer several benefits that contribute to increased home value:

  • The absence of walls between rooms allows natural light to flow freely.
  • Open layouts enable you to cook dinner while watching your kids do homework or entertaining guests.
  • The openness provides ample space for movement, particularly for large households.

Biophilic Design

Choosing a biophilic design that integrates natural elements into your home can increase its value and appeal. This design approach enhances aesthetics, improves air quality, and promotes well-being.

A home design center that offers biophilic design may emphasize the following principles:

  • Maximizing natural light through blinds, skylights, and light-colored sheers.
  • Incorporating natural color palettes like earthy tones and rich greens in interior decor.
  • Installing a living wall and a self-supporting vertical garden will bring nature indoors.

Using Extra Lighting Fixtures

Home design centers often emphasize the importance of lighting in enhancing a space. Proper lighting can brighten a room, improve mood, and increase safety, which is particularly important for homes with elderly residents.

A professional design consultant may recommend the following:

  • Installing pendant lights over a dining table for targeted illumination.
  • Incorporating under-cabinet lighting to brighten kitchen workspaces.
  • Adding wall lights, especially in long hallways, improves visibility and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

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