5 Last-Minute Halloween Decoration Ideas

5 Last-Minute Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s not too late to make it the most spooktacular event ever! Whether you want to spruce up the decorations you already have or need some last-minute ideas to get ready for trick-or-treaters, we’ve got you covered. Here are five easy DIY Halloween decoration ideas that you will use year after year.

Get Creative with Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkins are a staple item for Halloween decorating. All you need to do is head to your local grocery store and pick up a few pumpkins. Sure, you can carve them into jack-o’-lanterns, but why not get creative and try something new? How about transforming a pumpkin into a skeleton, a witch, or an owl using markers or paint? Or maybe you want to use your artistic talents to turn them into decorative pieces. Try gluing on feathers, pressed flowers, sequins, or anything else that might look attractive. Temporary tattoos can also create a unique look. Find more ideas for pumpkin decorating from Good Housekeeping.

Pumpkin Decorating

Welcome Guests with Window Silhouettes

Window silhouettes are a quick and easy way to decorate your windows to create an eerie effect your guests will love. All you need to do is trace and cut out shapes using black cardboard. Think bats, spiders, scary faces, and ghosts. Then stick them to your windows, turn a light on inside your house, and that’s it! Find more ideas for window silhouettes from Shelterness.

Add Some Spookiness to Your Front Door

Use whatever materials you have at home to make your front door the focal point of your Halloween decorations. Create a scary face on your door simply by using paper plates and a black marker to make eyes, painter's tape or white poster board to make sharp teeth, and streamers or crepe paper for hair. Find more ideas for decorating your door from Kindesign.

Create a Spooky Luminary Walkway

Luminaries create the ideal spooky effect you need for Halloween and can also serve the practical purpose of lighting up your walkway for your guests. Making them is simple. You just need several paper bags, empty gallon milk jugs, or mason jars to start. Decorate them by cutting or hole punching designs into the paper bags or simply drawing scary faces on the milk jugs or mason jars using a black permanent marker. Use battery-operated tealight candles, Christmas lights, or even small flashlights to light them up, and voila you made your own luminaries! Get more ideas for making luminaries from Kids Kubby.

Spooky Luminary

Treat Trick-or-Treaters with Grab-and-Go Goody Bags

Instead of having trick-or-treaters rummage through a bowl of candy to find one they like, grab-and-go goody bags can make trick-or-treating easy and fun. All you need are either brown paper bags or sandwich bags and a black marker. Decorate the bag with a message (like “BOO” or “Happy Halloween”) or a simple drawing (think spiders, bats, or sharp teeth), add some candy, and there you have it–grab-and-go goody bags your trick-or-treaters will love! Find more easy DIY ideas at Always Autumn.

Need Even More Inspiration?

If you need even more inspiration, check out these incredible Halloween-decorated homes we found on Instagram. From skeletons to ghosts and everything in between, these homeowners went all out!

Spider House, New York: If you’re scared of spiders, you’ll be terrified when you see this home. Our question was, “How do you even get inside with all those decorations in front of the door?”

Old Shaw House, Indiana: This 1892 Queen Anne Victorian home already has an eerie vibe but it becomes even spookier each year for Halloween.

Pumpkin House, Colorado: These homeowners really know how to carve a pumpkin and can even turn pumpkins into skeletons! Amazing!

House of Horrors, New Jersey: Halloween decorations are a yearly event for these homeowners who have skeletons, tombstones, ghosts, and coffins all over their front yard.

Skeleton House, New Orleans: You’ve never seen so many skeletons all in one place!

Scary Christmas House, Arizona: If you love Christmas as much as you love Halloween, you’ll go wild for the way these homeowners have decorated their house every year since 2016. Best of all, most of the decorations are handmade!

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