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Tampa, FL

Tampa is the place where big-city opportunities combine with laid-back beach vibes to create a wonderful place to live. Tampa is part of the Tampa Bay area, the second largest metropolitan area in the state of Florida, which also includes the cities of St. Petersburg and Clearwater. Many say that living in Tampa is like being on vacation all the time given the great weather, spectacular beaches, and all there is to do in the area. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Tampa was recently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States. Read on to learn why.

Activities for All Ages and Interests

Tampa appeals to people of all ages, from children and young families to retirees, simply because there’s just so much to do. First and foremost are Tampa Bay’s beaches, which have been ranked amongst the best in Florida and the world. In Tampa, where the weather is warm almost year-round, you can enjoy the white sand and crystal blue water just about anytime. You’ll also love to visit Tampa’s beaches for their spectacular sunsets in the evenings.

Tampa also has over 165 parks to enjoy, including several waterfront parks that offer views of the bay or the Hillsborough River, which runs through the city. And there’s no better place to take a morning run or an evening stroll than the Bayshore Boulevard trail, the world’s longest continuous sidewalk that’s 10 feet wide and 4.5 miles long and offers incredible views of the bay throughout.

Tampa also boasts thriving arts, culture, sports, and food scenes. The city is home to numerous museums and concert venues, as well as professional hockey, baseball, football, and soccer teams. And when you’re hungry, you’ll have no shortage of culinary options to choose from including everything from fine dining restaurants to food trucks with cuisines from all around the world.

A Variety of Education Options

University Of Tampa, Tampa, FL, USA

If you have children or are planning a family, you can feel confident that you are giving them excellent educational opportunities by moving to Tampa. The city offers many high-quality education options, including the well-reputed University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. Public schools across the Tampa Bay area are provided by Hillsborough County School District, Pasco County Schools, and Pinellas County Schools. There are also many excellent private schools in the area.

A Great Place to Retire or Escape to Warmer Weather

Tampa is also a very popular place for retirees and snowbirds. Boasting more than 250 days of sunshine per year and a laid-back lifestyle, Tampa is a beautiful place to enjoy your later years. The area has many active adult, retirement, and assisted living communities that offer resort-style amenities and conveniences that cater to older adults.

A Thriving Job Market

One of the other key reasons people are moving to the city is to take advantage of the array of exciting job opportunities available. Tampa’s job market is not only growing faster than other cities in Florida but also at a higher rate than the national average. Furthermore, this is expected to continue through 2024. Jobs in the technology and healthcare industries are experiencing the highest growth, but there are also plenty of jobs in many other industries.  

An Affordable Cost of Living

Combine the excellent job opportunities in Tampa with its affordable cost of living and you have a recipe for success. The cost of living in Tampa is on par with the state average and about 4% lower than the national average. Living in Florida, you will also enjoy zero state income taxes and relatively low property taxes. Housing prices have been on the rise for the last few years in Tampa due to population growth and limited supply. However, given the expected continued population growth for the area, you can feel confident that you’re making a good investment if you choose to buy a new construction home in Tampa.

Plenty of Wonderful Neighborhoods to Choose From

Bay front homes, Apollo Beach, Florida

The Tampa Bay area is made up of a variety of neighborhoods to suit all lifestyles. Here are a few cities and neighborhoods in the area with new construction homes and communities available:


Located just 9 miles northwest of downtown Tampa, Carrollwood is one of the safest and most family-friendly neighborhoods of the city of Tampa. The area features plenty of amenities and activities, as well as easy access to downtown Tampa using nearby highways. Carrollwood is also just a short drive from the views and waterfront activities you will find at Tampa Bay. If you’re looking for a new construction home in the  Carrollwood neighborhood, you’ll find both single-family homes and townhomes in a variety of sizes and styles.

Wesley Chapel

Also ranked as one of the safest and most family-friendly suburbs in the Tampa Bay area, Wesley Chapel is located just 17 miles northwest of downtown Tampa. The area offers many parks and green spaces, as well as the beautiful Epperson Lagoon. Wesley Chapel is also popular for its many restaurants and entertainment options and is just a short commute from the beaches and attractions located in Tampa. With many affordable new construction homes and communities in the area, Wesley Chapel has quickly become one of Tampa Bay’s fastest-growing suburbs.


Riverview is a family-friendly suburb located about 12 miles southeast of Tampa. The area offers excellent essential and recreational amenities, as well as high-quality schools. Riverview has experienced rapid population growth over the last few years but still has plenty of new construction communities and homes being built.


Head further south and you will come to Wimauma, a small suburb located 30 miles from Tampa. This area is situated close to local beaches, as well as Little Manatee River State Park, which offers an array of outdoor activities. Wimauma offers plenty of affordably priced newly constructed homes and communities.


Odessa is another upcoming suburb of the Tampa Bay area that is known for its wide open space and tranquil environment. The suburb is located about 25 miles northwest of downtown Tampa and offers a variety of affordable new construction homes and communities.


Clearwater is a city of its own within the Tampa Bay area that is nestled right in between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The city is known for its three miles of spectacular beaches that have been ranked as the best in America and the world. Clearwater is a vibrant city with several neighborhoods that appeal to residents of all ages. The area offers an array of new construction single-family homes and condos, many of which offer breathtaking views and are just a short walk to the waterfront.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is another city of the Tampa Bay area that offers a balance of urban and suburban lifestyles. Also situated between the bay and the coastline, the area offers easy access to beaches and water activities, as well as plenty of entertainment options and amenities. St. Petersburg includes several neighborhoods where you will find many new construction single-family homes and condos.

Tampa, FL, Downtown

A New Construction Home Is the Best Choice in Tampa

Offering a thriving job market and affordable cost of living alongside some of the best beaches in the world, Tampa is truly a great place to live. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the city is growing rapidly and the housing market is doing very well.

If you’re considering buying a home in the Tampa Bay area, these trends provide good reason to consider a new construction home. There are many new housing developments and communities available throughout the area, all offering a variety of options designed to suit any lifestyle and budget.

Here are some of the key advantages of buying a new build over a resale in Tampa:

New homes are built in desirable and upcoming neighborhoods

Choosing a neighborhood to live in when moving to a new city can be an overwhelming task. Newly constructed homes and communities in the Tampa Bay area can be found in the most desirable neighborhoods of the city. Tampa builders carefully select the neighborhoods where they build new homes and communities to ensure they will appeal to homebuyers and hold strong value over time.

New homes are move-in ready and near flawless

When you choose a new construction home, you get more peace of mind knowing that you’re buying a home that’s move-in ready and free of defects and outdated systems. In your new home you can feel confident that there are no foundation issues and all your plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances are working and updated. New home builders also provide a warranty that covers the cost of any issues that may arise in the home during the warranty period.

A new home provides a new community

Newly constructed homes are usually built within new communities that are not open to investors. This means that just about all of your neighbors will be homeowners who have recently moved to the area and will be looking to make friends and build community, just like you are. You may even find that some of these communities have organized social events and activities for you to participate in. And with all the amenities that new home builders often include in their developments, such as swimming pools, clubhouses, and playgrounds, you’ll instantly have plenty of opportunities to gain a sense of belonging in your new community.

New Home, Tampa, FL

A new home provides more value for money

While the cost of new construction may or may not be less than the purchase price of a resale home of comparable size and location, you can feel confident that you are getting more value for your money when you choose to buy new. In addition to outdated systems and appliances, resale homes can have hidden defects that may not be uncovered in an inspection. It’s not uncommon for buyers of resale homes to find themselves facing large bills for repairing these types of problems just a year or two after they move in. Furthermore, new homes are more energy efficient and are cheaper to insure. Last but not least, when you decide to sell your home, your house will be newer and will likely hold more value if you bought a newly constructed home over a resale.

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