7 Horror Stories for Real Estate Agents

Finally, with a Halloween just around a corner, here is a time of scary stories. Moreover, when you are a real estate agent, apparently your scary stories are slightly different, than others.

We all know that real estate agents are pretty resistant, but there are few statements that almost every agent heard, and still, they leave agents shaking.

1. “I have lost my job…”

Unless a client can pay in cash, unexpected unemployment can wreak havoc on a house purchase. When borrowers apply for a mortgage, they’re required to reveal their employment status and provide pay stubs, typically for the last month. Without reliable revenue, the ability to secure that loan can burn faster than a candle in a Halloween pumpkin.

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2. “There is something I forget to tell you…”

Is the roof leaking? Past owner ghost is walking in the hall sometimes? Termites nibbling away at the foundation? Think again. The agent needs to know everything up front. Surprises can freak out even the most poised broker. Because if someone’s not revealing one thing, it’s a safe bet there is something else to be known at the worst possible time.

3. “We’re having second thoughts…”

Of course, it’s not unusual to have a buyer or seller get cold feet or have pre-purchase or pre-sale jitters. But after spending lots of time and effort in a potential sale, the idea of a deal falling apart can be horrifying for any broker. Talking nervous clients through their fears, both real or embellished, is often part of the work, but that is not making it any less scary.

4. “My parents, relatives, and co-workers would like to see the house…”

We know it’s hard enough to get a single client or a pair to agree on a home they like and want to purchase. Once clients decide to invite their extended family to check a residence, they — and their agent — are obliged to get more questions and judgments than anyone’s prepared to handle. Taking a big group on a house tour can end up being an agent’s personal horror movie.

5. “Our pet snake got loose last evening. But we are sure we’ll find him before the open house starts!”

From staging to marketing, planning for an open house is already a daunting endeavor. The image of pets possibly sending would-be buyers running back to their cars is terrifying.

6. “Can we negotiate your fee?”

Surely, meeting new people and touring houses can be interesting, but not so much that a broker wants to do it for free. Hearing a client try to cut with a hard-working agent can often be a significant sign that they’re going to be challenging to work with and not responsive of all that goes into a home sale or purchase.

7. “My cousin is a Broker, so…”

After spending time helping leads, hearing the dreaded “Oh, thank you, but we have a friend who’s a real estate agent” can send a realtor into a panic. Rather than pointing out how much work has already gone into the process, a savvy agent can outline the inherent dangers of mixing business with pleasure.

Probably, there are plenty of moments that can be not that pleasant, especially when you are helping someone to make the most important investment of their lives. Though, it’s especially important to be prepared for stuff like this.

However, we know that it’s impossible to remember everything, and we are not talking about scary stories. It’s about your buyers, their needs, and all properties on the market, that may be their ideal home.

That is why we made Propertymate.ai – AI-powered tool for real estate agents that helps you to remember everything about your every lead, and know everything about every property on the market you are working on, matching them with very high accuracy saving you more time for thing you enjoy, like this perfect Halloween party you planned with your friends or family.

Happy Halloween! And have more threats than tricks ?

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