How to become a top real estate agent

Like in every other industry, it takes massive effort to become a top real estate agent. There are different requirements in becoming a realtor depending on the state where you are. Hence, it is essential that you strictly follow the guidelines that are specific to your state. Achieving success as a realtor takes personality and perseverance. However, by staying connected to all your clients—past and present—you can reach new heights of success.

How to get real estate license

To become a top agent, you have to get licensed. This is the first step in the process. When getting licensed, you have to research the licensing standards in your state. This is because each state has different requirements to become a realtor. You can obtain the education and licensing requirements in your state by visiting a brokerage in your area or searching online.

In general, the process is quite similar everywhere.

  1. Enroll in a Real Estate Prelicensing Course
  2. Apply To Take the Real Estate Agent Exam
  3. Pass the Real Estate Agent Exam
  4. Find a Real Estate Broker
How to become a top real estate agent

How to create a network as a real estate agent

Most states in the United States require new agents to partner with an existing broker for a minimum amount of time. Even though you may be working for yourself while you operate under the umbrella of a registered brokerage. When partnering with a registered broker, it is essential to pay attention to the following points:

  • Evaluate the coverage area for each of the brokerage firm you intend to partner with. This is essential, so you do not get limited to an area that is of less interest to you.
  • Check out the benefits the brokerage firm gives out to its agents.
  • Research if the brokerage focuses on buying or selling.

There is another critical factor to consider when developing your network—a list of contacts. In real estate, it is about who you know. By having a wide network of referrals, you can generate a massive list of new contacts.

Why CRM is important for real estate agent

When developing your contacts, you should use CRM (Customer Relation Management system) to update your list of contacts. Be sure, that you are using CRM for real estate because selling real estate is not the same as selling software or cars. CRM ensures that you do not forget any contact or any opportunity. Give a try to Propertymate for a free trial, and besides CRM for real estate, you will get a powerful matching and qualification tool for your leads and properties. By the way, we wrote a post about why it is important to use CRM for new developments previously. CRM for real estate agents

Besides, you have to develop an online media presence. Many people looking to sell or buy listings first check online. When you create a website and social media presence, you are able to connect with people who are not in your immediate social circle. Here are a few tips for building a massive online media presence:

  • Create social media pages for your real estate business.
  • Update your social media followers with real estate tips and listings in real time.
  • Ensure that your bio is up to date.
  • Pay close attention to what others are doing in the online real estate space to discover new opportunities for your business.

Marketing yourself as a real estate agent

The success is in the marketing. You may have the best listings, but if you do not get the world out there, there may be no sales. When marketing yourself, you have to project an outgoing and welcoming personality to everyone you meet. This makes it comfortable for them to discuss contract terms with you especially when they are not familiar with the real estate market.

Also, you have to establish a weekly schedule for prospecting new clients. You can build productive leads by spending the time to advertise your services at local events and coffee shops. Most importantly, you have to go virtual. The largest real estate market is online. Before contacting listings, many buyers do extensive online searching. According to NAR, 99% of Millennials and 89% of Older Boomers search for homes on online websites.

Hence, it is vital that your listings are uniquely placed online by including pictures in every post — posting walkthrough videos and creating 3D virtual tours of your listed homes.

Becoming a top agent does not have to be frustrating if you know the right steps to follow. In this article, we have presented you with all the steps you need to follow in starting from non-agent to becoming a top real estate agent.

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