How Long Does It Take To Build A House

How Long Does It Take To Build A House

According to the 2019 US Census Bureau survey, production or contractor-built homes are most likely to take about six months from start to final walkthrough, while custom-built homes could extend over a longer period, about seven to eight months on average. It is every man's dream to own space to call home, a form of protection from the world's harsh realities, yet not many can make decisions single-handedly when it comes to building on — a reason you need a production builder.

Types Homes

  • Production Homes
  • Custom made Homes

in this article, our focus would be on production homes. What they are and how long it would take to build one.

What are Production Homes?

Production homes, also known as tract houses, became a thing after World War II. They are house design patterned after a set plan that can be minimally tweaked to suit the buyer. They are usually built in less time; the obvious reason is that the designs of these homes are culled from a ready supply of floor plans with limited personalizations.

Also, Production homes can give you the same size as what you might have in a custom home for less than the price. Production builders have a higher advantage in buying materials; they can purchase building materials and larger land portions, saving time, making the option affordable and suitable.

As straightforward as visualizing is, building transcends imaginations. It could take longer in reality as many factors could either mitigate or fasten the entire process.

These factors could vary from the design, size, locality, the policies governing such area, competence of the building company and hired artisans, and the elements. Going further, we would fully consider how these factors affect building production homes and if it is worth the wait for you.

Factors To Consider


Getting permits for land usage and construction could span over some time, about a month. Land disputes, inspection, and zoning are significant reasons for the delay most times.

However, if you are building in a new housing development area, these issues have been cleared out for you; hence you can start as soon as possible.


An incompetent workforce would deliver less value and take a more extended period to finish the work. In building, experience is critical. You want to hire contractors and artisans highly skilled and vast in expertise to deliver the perfect home to and for you. If not properly thought through, this choice is hazardous; substandard material could be used and standard materials wasted in the wrong hands.

Another factor to consider is the size of the team. The larger the group, the faster, stronger, and more efficient. You have the best hands


The weather affects the actualization of just anything building inclusive. Bad weather could hamper the speed and productivity of the artisans. For example, on rainy days and at the beginning of the building process, such as when laying the foundation of the building, less result would be achieved, unlike on days when the Sun is in its full bloom.

Once the roofs are up, the weather shouldn't be a challenge any longer.

The Client

You can slow down the process if your mind is not made up for what you want. It is better that you sit with your architect, have discussions to the end that you have your questions answered. This would help you visualize and know what to expect.

Changing the design midway and from time to time could irk the workers reducing their efficiency and effectiveness.


Whether you determine to build your house on the hill or the plain would affect its delivery time. As you plan to build, consider the policies binding on the area.

New home being constructed

Is It Worth The Wait?

Definitely yes! You have waited a while to actualize this dream of owning your own home. Rushing through it would:

  1. Cheat you from relishing the moments; moments are to be enjoyed and relished.
  2. It could prove hazardous because the workers might not follow due process if you settle for companies that promise you delivery in little time
  3. You would spend much more than expected. Due to a lack of proper planning, many unforeseen circumstances could arise.

In conclusion, nothing beats the joy of having your own home. As you dream it, get the best hands to help build it and enjoy living in it.

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