The Four Best Cities to Move to in Texas

Welcome to Texas, a big state with an even bigger reputation! The Lone Star State is home to family-owned ranches, big cities, and some of the country's most historic landmarks. It's a place where people come from all over to raise families, start businesses, and settle into retirement. Texas has more than 1,200 Incorporated cities, so finding the right one for you may seem overwhelming.

Lucky for you, we've done the research for you and put together a list of our favorite cities to move to in Texas based on important factors such as education, economy, safety, and amenities so that you can make a decision.

Cinco Ranch

Cinco Ranch, TX

Nestled in the suburbs of Houston, Cinco Ranch is a vibrant community with approximately 18,000 residents. This gem is renowned for its top-tier school district, tranquil residential areas, and proximity to some of the area's best shopping and dining venues. While it's located in Katy, Texas—a city with deep historical ties to the rice farming industry—it's rapidly gaining popularity among families. This is primarily due to its affordable housing options, outstanding public schools, and many recreational activities.

One of the standout features of Cinco Ranch is its strategic location. If you beat the traffic, it’s a 30-minute drive from Downtown Houston, which is perfect for those who commute to the city for work but crave a peaceful retreat at the end of the day. The community is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with parks, playgrounds, and vast green expanses. Whether you're an avid hiker, cyclist, or a golfing aficionado eager to tee off at The Golf Club at Cinco Ranch, there's no shortage of activities to indulge in.

Safety is paramount in Cinco Ranch, which has a crime rate significantly below the national average. Many areas even have neighborhood watch programs, further enhancing the sense of security among its residents. But perhaps the crown jewel of Cinco Ranch is the Katy Independent School District. Known for its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and a diverse range of extracurricular offerings, it provides families with a plethora of educational choices, from public and private to charter and Montessori schools.

Real Estate & Housing in Cinco Ranch

Cinco Ranch contains a rich tapestry of real estate options, from cozy apartments and charming historic single-family homes to luxurious estates. These properties showcase a satisfying mix of architectural designs, sizes, and modern amenities. Currently, the median listing price for Cinco Ranch homes is $625.5K.

The rapid growth of Cinco Ranch is evident in its flourishing master-planned communities and the increasing popularity of new construction homes each year. The blend of suburban tranquility, contemporary conveniences, and swift access to downtown Houston makes Cinco Ranch a magnet for those seeking the perfect balance in residential living and access to city life.

The Woodlands

The Woodlands, TX

Situated at the crossroads of natural beauty and modern innovation, The Woodlands is a sprawling 28,500-acre master-planned community that has garnered accolades for its harmonious blend of the serene outdoors and the vibrancy of urban life. With a staggering 151 parks, 220 miles of trails for hiking and biking enthusiasts, and three top-tier school districts, it's no wonder The Woodlands has become a sought-after destination. Add to this an eclectic array of local businesses, eateries, retail outlets, and recreational spots, and you have a locale that truly offers the best of both worlds.

The Woodlands is another haven for city professionals who yearn for a break from the urban hustle. Its strategic location ensures that residents are merely a five-minute drive from the I-45 on-ramp, paving the way for a smooth journey into Downtown Houston. Beyond its connectivity, the community is packed with amenities—grocery stores, quaint coffee shops, sidewalk boutiques, hotels, museums, and expansive nature preserves, ensuring every need is catered to.

A standout feature of The Woodlands is the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion—an outdoor amphitheater that resonates with the sounds of concerts, events, and performances all year round. Affectionately termed "The Pavilion" by locals, this venue boasts cutting-edge sound and lighting systems. It comfortably accommodates up to 6,500 guests in the amphitheater, with additional space on the iconic grassy expanse known as the Lawn.

Real Estate & Housing in The Woodlands

The Woodlands, a mosaic of 13 distinct neighborhoods, offers a diverse range of housing options. Home prices here span from a modest $155K to a lavish $15M. Currently, the median listing price is $605K. With its opulent homes and luxurious amenities, Carlton Woods boasts a median listing price of $3.6M, making it the most upscale neighborhood in The Woodlands. On the other end of the spectrum, College Park offers affordability without compromising on charm, with homes having a median listing price of $369.5K.

A hallmark of newer construction in this community is the emphasis on sustainability. The Woodlands is at the forefront of eco-conscious living, with many new homes showcasing features like solar panels and being built using sustainable materials. This commitment to green construction methods not only reflects the community's ethos but also ensures a brighter, more sustainable future for its residents.


Located in Dallas County, Richardson stands out as a combination of culture, food, music, and business. This community is a mix of 33 distinct neighborhoods, offering a spectrum of housing options—from budget-friendly starter homes to opulent residences in exclusive gated enclaves.

At the heart of Richardson lies the University of Texas at Dallas, infusing the town with academic vigor. The streets are dotted with charming, locally-owned coffee shops, verdant parks, and a plethora of outdoor recreational spots, making it a haven for both residents and visitors. It’s well known in the Dallas metro as one of the best places to find Middle Eastern, Asian, and South Asian food.

What truly sets Richardson apart is its dual identity. On one hand, it's a metropolitan center brimming with innovation. Conversely, it's a close-knit and diverse community comprising families, students, retirees, and professionals. The presence of the University of Texas at Dallas lends Richardson a friendly college-town ambiance. Yet, this is seamlessly blended with serene suburban neighborhoods, a lively social calendar, and a unique environment where academia meets a relaxed, family-centric way of life. Richardson is close to many local activities and attractions, including:

Real Estate & Housing

People come from all over to put roots down in Richardson. Some are looking for short-term apartments, while others are looking for new builds, historic homes, or modern townhomes. The good news is Richardson has it all.

Some of the best neighborhoods to consider when moving to Richardson include Canyon Creek, Cottonwood Heights, and Highland Terrace. The median listing price for homes in Richardson is $605K. The combination of education opportunities, proximity to the city's economic center, and overall quality of life continues to bring people to Richardson, leading to higher demand for housing and a competitive real estate market.

Richardson has pockets of older neighborhoods like Richardson Heights and Northrich, with charming single-family homes built in the 50s and 60s. Still, it also has areas that are seeing rapid growth and development. New construction homes are on the rise in Richardson as more and more families are looking for bigger houses with smart technology, innovative amenities, and eco-friendly features.


Coppell, TX

People love Coppell because it simultaneously feels like a small town and a vibrant city. It's known for its public parks and playgrounds, community Farmer's Market, charming boutiques, neighborhood events, and breathtaking landscapes. Its strategic location puts locals seven miles from the DFW Airport, 20 miles from Downtown Dallas, and 25 miles from downtown Fort Worth.

The heart of Coppell is Old Town, where you'll find residential homes, businesses, and charming storefronts located along walkable streets. The interactive fountain in the middle of the square is a popular meeting place for kids and families during the hot summer months.

Located within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area, Coppell is a favored choice among families due to its renowned Coppell Independent School District, which consistently earns high ratings and is known for offering quality education in the form of public, private, and charter schools.

The Coppell Art Center is a gathering place that brings people together through music, art, and entertainment. People come from all over to experience concerts, symphonies, interactive events, conferences, and magic shows in this state-of-the-art visual arts center. Other features of Coppell's vibrant cultural scene include:

Real Estate & Housing

Coppell is a city designed to bring people together, offering a wide variety of housing options to meet almost every budget. Neighborhoods like Northlake Woodlands East feature one and two-story single-family homes with a median price range of $670K.

For those looking for luxury properties, Coppell has its fair share of upscale residences, complete with pools, in-home theaters, and acres of private living space. Cottonwood Estates, Windsor Estates, and Cater Estates are exclusive neighborhoods known for their stunning multi-million dollar mansions.

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