What Is a Move-In-Ready Home?

Move-In-Ready Home

Often referred to as a spec or production home, a move-in ready home is one that is either fully built or very close to completion when it is sold. This differs from a custom or semi-custom new construction home, which is built after the sale according to the buyer’s specifications. The key difference between buying a move-in-ready home over a custom or semi-custom home is that you forego customization options. By doing so, you save yourself a great deal of time, stress, and money while still getting all the benefits of living in a brand-new home.

Consider these key advantages of buying a move-in-ready home to decide whether it may be the best choice for you.

Shorter Timeframe

The timeframe for completion of a new construction home can range from six months to two years. Buying a move-in-ready home means that your new home is already built so you don’t need to wait around. Once you find a new home that you like and you complete the buying process (which can take as little as 30 days), you can move right on in to your brand new home!

Less Decision-Making

When you buy a home that’s move-in-ready, you don’t have to worry about making decisions about every single detail. Instead, they are made for you by an expert home builder who uses the latest architecture and design trends to build homes that appeal to today’s buyers. At most, builders may offer some basic customization options for the finish of the home, such as paint color, countertop material, and types of appliances.

Price Certainty and Lower Cost

Price Certainty and Lower Cost

When you buy a move-in-ready home, you have complete price certainty since the price it’s being sold for is the price you’ll pay. Custom-built homes, on the other hand, often end up costing much more than originally planned due to obstacles, delays, and price increases in raw materials that may occur during the construction process. Furthermore, since move-in-ready homes are already built, developers typically want to sell them off quickly and therefore often price them lower than homes that are still under construction.

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