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New Construction Homes in Georgia

New Construction Homes in Georgia

About Georgia

Known by many as the Peach State, Georgia shines bright in the heart of the South. It's the 8th largest state, with about 10.9 million residents, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2022 report. Busy with activity, Atlanta is the state's largest city and home to over six million people. Georgia’s strong economy is powered by 19 Fortune 500 companies, including household names like Delta Airlines, Home Depot, United Parcel Service (UPS), and The Coca-Cola Company. These industry giants create many jobs and help keep Georgia's unemployment rate below the national average. In fact, in April 2023, it was just 3.1%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What's more, Georgia is a land of opportunity, offering a wide range of careers across different industries, including film and entertainment, agriculture, technology, and healthcare.

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Living in Georgia can actually help you save money on living expenses. Compared to other states in the U.S., Georgia's overall cost of living is much lower. The Bureau of Economic Analysis stated in 2021 that Georgia scored 95.8 on the Regional Price Parity (RPP) scale. The national average is 100, so this score shows that necessities like food and healthcare usually cost less in Georgia. As for homes, Zillow reported that the middle price for a house in Georgia in 2023 was about $318,919. This is less than the median price for the country, which hovers around $440,300. But remember, some parts of Georgia can be pricier than others. For example, living in a big city like Atlanta will likely cost more. But overall, living in Georgia is cheaper, especially when it comes to buying a house, which is a big part of why people like living there.

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Homes in Georgia blend classic Southern charm with fresh, modern vibes. Cities like Savannah and Macon are known for their historic homes that tell stories of the past. Styles like Antebellum, Victorian, and Craftsman dominate the scene here, showcasing features like spacious front porches, impressive columns, and loads of intricate details. Meanwhile, if you're after a more modern vibe, Atlanta has got you covered. Here, you can find anything from sleek, sky-touching apartments to trendy townhomes, modern family homes, and even grand mansions that'll leave you in awe. If you're dreaming of owning your first home, Georgia is ready to lend a hand. The state has a special program, the Georgia Dream Homeownership Program, run by The Georgia Department of Community Affairs. The program is designed to help first-time homebuyers by offering loans at low-interest rates. Even better, it can provide up to $7,500 in down payment assistance if you meet the specific criteria. If you're interested, most lenders in Georgia can offer more details about this exciting opportunity.

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New Construction Market in Georgia

One fantastic trend in Georgia's real estate market is the boom in new homes. As GA Realtor reports, over 8,386 new homes were built recently. Plus, as more people move to Georgia with eco-friendly living in mind, there's a considerable demand for homes that help save energy. These "green" homes come equipped with things like solar panels, energy-saving appliances, and eco-friendly materials. A great helping hand here is the Home Energy Improvement Program run by Georgia Power. This program encourages homeowners to build new homes that are energy-efficient. If homeowners install items like high-efficiency heating, cooling systems, water heaters, insulation, and windows, they can get money back from their purchases. Georgia Power also offers the EarthCents program. If you build a new home that checks off all its energy-saving rules, you can receive a special certificate that increases your home's value. But the benefits aren't just for homeowners. Builders and developers planning to construct energy-efficient houses or commercial buildings can receive federal tax credits. Thanks to the Energy Policy Act, these builders of energy-saving homes and buildings get financial rewards too.

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