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New Construction Homes in Charleston Metropolitan Area

New Construction Homes in Charleston Metropolitan Area

About Charleston Metropolitan Area

Delivering a fantastic world of cultural refinement, fiscal bloom, and Dixie charm, Charleston, South Carolina, emerges as an unsurpassed destination for the foundation of a new construction home. Discovered in 1970, where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers meet, Charleston is the oldest and largest city in South Carolina. Its rich history continues to shine through to the present day with many mesmerizing pre-Civil War architecture and historic sites. Charleston has a lot going on for itself, and it's no wonder more people are drawn to this growing city. It's home to dozens of highly-rated schools, including the College of Charleston, top-quality healthcare with over 75% of a healthy population, and is ranked safer than 14% of other U.S. metros. These factors, combined with the fact that over 400,000 people chose to make Charleston their home, paint a picture of a city on the rise. Let's explore why Charleston, SC, has become such a popular place to live.

Housing in Charleston Metropolitan Area

As it turns out, Charleston, South Carolina, offers a cost of living that is slightly more affordable than many might assume. Recent data indicates that it is, in fact, 2% lower than the national average. While utilities are 17% higher due to South Carolina's initiatives to rely on non-renewable energy, daily necessities such as groceries, clothing, and healthcare are around 7% less.

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Real Estate in Charleston Metropolitan Area

During May 2023, Charleston witnessed the median listing price of homes rise significantly to $690k, marking a 27.8% upswing from last year. Much of this growth can be attributed to the flourishing economy and the high quality of life residents benefit from living here. If we focus on the architectural style of buildings, we'll notice something fascinating. The charming, historic Antebellum houses in the Southern Broad district tend to sell for over a million dollars. This isn't surprising considering their extraordinary architectural nuances and prime spot in the heart of the community. You'd often see these remarkable properties changing hands for prices well into the millions, especially for those in high demand.

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New Construction Market in Charleston Metropolitan Area

As we venture further into the real estate landscape of Charleston, it's quite intriguing to see that newly built homes are emerging as a practical and economical choice for those desiring to establish their roots in this historic city. This wave of new construction is particularly evident in several neighborhoods, like Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, Johns Island, and James Island, to name a few. In the realm of affordability, these up-to-date residences offer a more affordable pathway into the Charleston housing market. The median price tags of these recently-built homes usually dance around the $260,000 to $390,000 mark. This price range is an apt representation of the consistent upturn in the market, and it opens up a varied spectrum of options for potential homeowners, from standalone homes to townhouses and condos.

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